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Marvel Avengers Storybook Collection 24 Books Gift Set Holiday Advent Calendar for Kids with Beautiful Case
Price RM107.91 RM119.90
Product SKU 9781830
Brand Marvel
Size (L x W x H) 24 cm x 3 cm x 42 cm
Availability In Stock
  • Best-selling format
  • 24 storybooks (paperback)  in 1
  • Hardcover
  • Beautiful gift
  • Collectable

A big hardcover wallet opens out to reveal 24 individually gift-wrapped storybooks. Count down to Christmas with all 24 epic Marvel adventures! Join Earth's Mightiest Heroes as they team up to defeat evil Super Villains and keep the world safe. Unwrap a mighty storybook every day!


24 Marvel Storybooks, they are arranged randomly in the 24-day pockets:


a) 1st Version :-

  1. Marvel Avengers Journey to Justice
  2. Marvel Avengers Make Way For Widow
  3. Marvel Avengers Cool As A Captain
  4. Marvel Spiderman Shock And Awe
  5. Marvel Spiderman Seeing Spots
  6. Marvel Spiderman Jurassic Spark
  7. Marvel Avengers Loki
  8. Marvel Avengers Doom of Fin Fang Foom
  9. Marvel Spiderman A Sticky Situation
  10. Marvel Avengers Ms Marvel Takes Flight
  11. Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy Lost Precious Thing
  12. Marvel Avengers Captain Marvel
  13. Marvel Avengers Monkey Business
  14. Marvel Avengers The Asgardian Prince
  15. Marvel Avengers The Legend of Black Panther
  16. Marvel Avengers Make Way for Widow
  17. Marvel Avengers Wonders of Wasp
  18. Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy A Quiet Place
  19. Marvel Avengers A Tale of Two Widows-Part One
  20. Marvel Avengers A Tale of Two Widows-Part Two
  21. Marvel Spiderman Laundry Day
  22. Marvel Avengers Hulking Out
  23. Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy The Sister Scuffle
  24. Marvel Spiderman The Swashbuckling Spider


b) 2nd Version :-

  1. Marvel Spiderman A Very Strange Night
  2. Marvel Avengers Doom of Fin Fang Foom
  3. Marvel Avengers Ultron Goes Viral
  4. Marvel Avengers Fists of Fury
  5. Marvel Spiderman The Story of Spiderman
  6. Marvel Spiderman The Amazing Spider-Hulk
  7. Marvel Avengers ; Assemble Part 1
  8. Marvel The Legend fo The Black Panther
  9. Marvel Avengers She-Hulk Smash
  10. Marvel Spiderman Attack of the Portal Crashers
  11. Marvel Black Panther Klaw's Revenge
  12. Marvel Spiderman The Widow's Sting
  13. Marvel Avengers The New Squirrel in Town
  14. Marvel Mixed Signals from Knowhere
  15. Marvel Spiderman Mysterio's Revenge!
  16. Marvel Spiderman The Hunt for Black Panther
  17. Marvel Avengers The Invincible Iron Man
  18. Marvel Spiderman ; Spider-Men
  19. Marvel Avengers Captain America Journey to Justice
  20. Marvel Avengers Assemble Part 2
  21. Marvel Spiderman Mega Meltdown
  22. Marvel A Heroic Little Helper
  23. Marvel Spideman Reptile Rampage!
  24. Marvel Avengers Pint-Size Power


Product details :

  •  Paperback | 24 pages x 24 books
  •  240 x 30 x 420mm
  • Language English
  •  Igloo Books Ltd
  •  Sywell, United Kingdom


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