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  • Develop by expert teachers and educational consultants to support school learning.
  • Parent notes and tips help you to support your child's learning with confidence.
  • Let's play and learn with stickers.
  • Learning is easy and fun with Disney characters.
  • Reward stickers to motivate your child.
  • Endless fun activities.
  • Best Sellers.
  • Beautiful illustrations with amazing facts that will guide the kids on their journey and help them to get to know the universe and decrypt the mysterious world of the dinosaurs.
  • Contain 200 pcs of jigsaw puzzles to reinforce learning and make learning the fun way.
  1. 6 books packed in Kelip Kelip Fun Box
  2. Bestsellers
  3. Interesting facts
  4. Beautiful illustrations
  5. Friendly and accessible text
  6. Fresh and interactive approach to reference
  7. Each Factivity book contains more than 50 activities
  8. Written by established authors and consultants
  • CoComelon is the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world.
  • The educational activity book provides lots of learning colouring fun, while the puzzle creates a scene that every pre-schooler will love to piece together over and over again.
  • The brand is adored by children for its engaging animation and songs, and recognised by parents for the education values that underpin it.
  • Packed with letter and number recognition activities, colouring pages, puzzles and more, this carry along format will keep children occupied for hours.
  • An excellent gift for kids to keep them busy learning and entertaining.
  • Includes a torch, 4 constellation discs, skeletons and molecules
  • Includes a 16-page book, with heaps of facts and activities
  • A great opportunity to encourage children’s natural curiosity about space, dinosaurs, human body and science
  • 14 books 
  • suitable for toddler
  • with kelip-kelip box

5 Steps for Enjoyable Reading

  1. Read the story aloud to your child. Run your finger under the words as you read.
  2. Look at the pictures and talk about what is happening.
  3. Read the simple text on the right-hand page together. When reading, some words come up again and again, such as the, to, and. Your child will quickly get to recognize these high-frequency words by sight.
  4. When your child is ready, encourage them to read the simple lines on their own.
  5. Help your child to complete the puzzles at the back of the book.
  • 5 books packed in Kelip Kelip Fun Box
  • Bestsellers
  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Children will enjoy fun activities with with their favourite pony friends!
  • Discover games, puzzles, stories, quizzes and much more!
  • PAW Patrol fans will be thrilled to find their favourite pups super charged in this all new activity box
  • Learning is fun & easy with favourite characters.